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XLPE Insulated Power Cable

XLPE Insulated Power Cable

We are professional wire & power cables manufacturer located Hebei Province,China.our company which is specializing in design, production and sales of many kinds XLPE cables ,such as XLPE insulated power cable, steel tape and steel wire armored power cable, low/medium/high voltage xlpe insulated power cable,copper and aluminium conductor xlpe power cable,pvc insulated power cable,aerial bundled cable,our power cable has been exported many countries,and won the love of customers with high quality products, reasonable prices, we hope to build long term business relation with different areas customers.

The advantages of our company:

 1) Our company is a professional supplier of various kinds of cables for over 15 years.

 2) The quality of our products are guaranteed. They are all with CCC, CE, CB and RoHS certificates.

 3) The price is averagely 10%~20% lower than the other competitors. Because our factory is located

   in a small town. The labor and raw materials cost are relatively low there.

 4) Huge inventory allows us to ship your order immediately 

 5) Our employees are all capable and professinal. They can offer you the Prompt Courteous Service.

 6) We ship worldwide.

xlpe power cable

.We mainly produce AAC, AAAC, ACSR, PVC Insulated Cables, XLPE Insulated Cables, Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC), Control Cables,Rubber Cables and Flameretardant & Fire-resistive series Cables etc.

We have ISO9001:2008 and CCC certification and can produce cables & wires according to the standards of CNS (GB), IEC, ASTM, BS, DIN and ASTM etc. Besides, we can also produce and supply cables as per customer's requirements and drawings. 

We warmly welcome friends throughout the world!

Application:This type of XLPE Insulated Power Cable is used for power transmission and distribution line with voltage rated at 35kV and below. In comparison with PVC Insulated Power Cable, XLPE power cables boasts not only characteristics of excellent electricity, mechanism, heat and aging-resistant, environment stress-resistant and chemical corrosion-resistant, but also simple structure, light weight, no restriction by laying drop, and high temperature allowance for long-term working.

0.6/1kV 4-core XLPE Insulated Power Cable

0.6/1kV 4+1-core XLPE Insulated Power Cable

26/35(40.5)kV 3-core XLPE Insulated, Steel tape Armoured Power Cable

XLPE Insulated Power Cable Standard:
1) Equivalent IEC 60502-1, GB/T12706.1;
Rated Voltage 1 kV (Um=1.2kV) and 3 kV (Um=3.6kV) Power Cable.
2) Equivalent IEC 60502-2, GB/T12706.2;
Rated Voltage 6 kV (Um=7.2kV) to 30 kV (Um=36kV) Power Cable.
3) Voltage Grade Overstep IEC60502, GB/T12706.3;
Rated Voltage 35 kV (Um=40.5kV) Power Cable
Operating Features:
1)The maximum conductor operating temperature90℃
During short circuit (lasting less than 5 seconds) the maximum temperature of the cable conductor shall not be above 250℃;
Environment temperature should be no lower than 0℃ for laying the cable.
2)Bending Radius of the Cable:
Single Core Cable: Non Armored Cable 20D, Armored Cable 15D;
Cores Cable: Non Armored Cable 15D, Armored Cable 12D.
Remarks: D means practical external diameter of the cable.
Table1-1, Type Description & Application Occasion of XLPE Insulated Power Cable.

XLPE Insulated Power Cable

ApplicationOccasion GB China Type
Cu Al
XLPE Insulated PVC Sheath Power Cable To be laid indoors,in tunnel,cable pipeline,the cable couldn't bear mechanical force outside. YJV YJLV
XLPE Insulated PE Sheath Power Cable YJY YJLY
XLPE Insulated,Steel Tape Armored,PVC Sheathed Power Cable To be laid underground,able to bear a certain positive pressure. YJV22 YJLV22
XLPE Insulated,Steel Tape Armored,PE Sheathed Power Cable YJV23 YJLV23
XLPE Insulated,Non-Magnetic Steel Tape Armored,PVC Sheathed Power Cable YJV62 YJLV62
XLPE Insulated,Thin Steel Wire Armored,PVC Sheathed Power Cable Apply to shafts,water and soil,able to bear the larger positive pressure. YJV32 YJLV32
XLPE Insulated,Non-Magnetic Thick Steel Wire Armored,PVC Sheathed Power Cable YJV72 YJLV72
XLPE Insulated,Thick Steel Wire Armored,PVC Sheathed Power Cable Apply to shafts,underwater and seabed,able to bear the positive pressure and the pull. YJV42 YJLV42
XLPE Insulated,Concentric Conductor,PVC Sheathed Power Cable It is used for power transmission on power lines with voltage rated at 0.6/1 kV and below.It is widely used in petrochemical industry,metallurgy,mines and high-rise buildings,etc. YJV-TP YJLV-TP
XLPE Insulated,Concentric Conductor Steel Tape Armored, PVC Sheathed Power Cable YJV22-TP YJLV22-TP
XLPE Insulated,Metallic Shielded,PVC Sheathed Power Cable It is specially suitable for occasions with precision electron

we are one of top electric cable manufacture in north of china,main product include xlpe power cable,armoured cable,swa cable,single core cable,2 3 4 core armoured cable.

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