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medium voltage cables

medium voltage cables,xlpe power cable,MV power cable

we are specialize in manufacture of medium voltage cables , xlpe power cables. Our MV cables are manufactured in accordance international Standards including IEC 60502-1 and IEC 60502-2 .

our medium voltage xlpe cables(MV cable) supplier, our manufacture can supply cable with single core and 3 core copper or aluminium conductors, the armoured include SWA-steel wire armoured,STA-steel tape armoured , aluminium wire armour for mechanical protection, and with various application-specific materials including Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyethylene (PE), Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) and Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) and oversheathing properties including Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH). Our MV cables are installed across a number of industries ranging from construction to power transmission. They are widely used for power distribution between high voltage mains power supply and low voltage applications, as well as by utility companies to connect residential and industrial complexes, or renewable energy sources such as wind and solar farms, to the primary grid.

In addition to standard medium voltage cables, we can design and supply bespoke MV cable developed for your specific applications.

Our custom designed cable solutions provide for variants developed and manufactured around a number of parameters, including:

medium voltage cables,xlpe power cable,MV power cable:

Cross-sectional area: generally 35mm2 up to 100mm2
Number of cores: generally one or three
Solid or stranded aluminium conductors: for applications requiring a lighter cable weight, also often more economical due to lower aluminium prices.
Stranded copper conductors: for applications requiring a smaller overall diameter and higher transmitting properties.
Bonded or strippable out semi-conducting layer
Water tightness: longitudinal, longitudinal + quasi-radial, longitudinal + radial
Insulation layers (conductor screen, insulation and insulation screen): XLPE, which is more commonly used for MV cables, or EPR which is more flexible and often better suited to marine and offshore applications.
Metallic screen: to nullify the electric field outside the MV cable. Concentric copper wire screens, Aluminium foil laminate, or extruded lead alloy sheath.
Twisted three-core cable or triplex
Armouring: for mechanical protection. Aluminium wire armoured for single-core cables, Galvanised steel wire armour, strip or tape.
Tapes: Separator tapes to facilitate peeling, water-swellable tapes to prevent water ingress, Conductive tape for core binding.
Outer Sheath: compounds with various properties, tailored to the specific application's requirements, including resistance to oils, greases, rodents, termites, UV and flame, as well as zero halogen emissions.


N MV cable according to DIN VDE 0276
A Aluminium (Al) conductor
[blank] Copper (Cu) conductor
2X Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation
S Screen of copper wires and copper tape, helically wound
SE Screen of copper wires and copper tape over each individual core, helically wound
Y Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) sheath
2Y Polyethylene (PE) sheath
(F)2Y Longitudinal water tightness with PE sheath
(FL)2Y Longitudinal and transversal water tightness with Al/PE sheath


we are one of top electric cable manufacture in north of china,main product include xlpe power cable,armoured cable,swa cable,single core cable,2 3 4 core armoured cable.

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