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XLPE insulated power cable

XLPE insulated power cable


IEC60502,and BS6346, VDE, AS/NZS, UL,etc or as customer's request.

The Rated Voltage(kv):

1st class 0.6/1 1.8/3 3.6/6 6/10 8.7/15 12/20 18/30 21/35 
2nd class 1/1 3/3 6/6 8.7/10 12/15 18/20 - 26/35


XLPE Power cable are most suitable for direct burial or for installation on trays or ducts,  Where there is
a risk of mechanical damage, armoured cables should be used.

XLPE insulated power cable Type




Main Application

CU core

AL core





XLPE insulated,PVC/PE sheathed power cable

For laying indoor ,tunnel,canal and underground.
Unable to bear external mechanical forces,
but bear the traction force during laid



XLPE insulated,steel tape armored,
PVC/PE sheathed power cable

For laying indoor ,tunnel,canal and underground.
Able to bear external mechanical forces,
but unable to bear large pulling force



XLPE insulated,thin steel wire armored,
PVC/PE sheathed power cable

For laying in shaft,water underground will large difference of level.
Able to bear external mechanical forces and moderate pulling force



XLPE insulated,thick steel wire armored,
PVC/PE sheathed power cable

For laying in water and seabed.
Able to bear positive pressure and pulling force

XLPE insulated power cable

Number of cores:

1core 2core 3core 3+1core 4core 4+1core 4+2core 5core and so on.

Nominal Section 
Area(mm2) :1.5 2.5 4 6 10 16 25 35 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 300 400 500 630 800


1). XLPE insulated power cable not only has excellent electric, mechanical properties, but also has powerful resistance against chemical erosion, heat-aging and environmental stress.
2) .Its structures are simple. The long term operating temperature is +90 degrees. It is convenient to use and can be laid with no restriction of different level.
3). Our XLPE cables can be produced according to our specification which is equivalent to IEC 502-1983, and its some indexes are superior to 502-1983.
4). We can design and manufacture special XLPE cable according to the other standards required by the customers.
5).Application: for laying indoor, tunnel, canal and underground. 

Production progress
PVC/XLPE Insulated Low Voltage Power Cable

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