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XLPE insulated power cable

XLPE insulated power cable

What's the application of the XLPE power cable?

XLPE insulation power cable is suitable for fixed installation with rated voltage at 8.7/10KV and below 

electricity transmission and distribution system. For indoor and outdoor use. It is generally applied to 

the fields including substation, power plant, industrial plant, mines, petrochemical industry, construction,

project and urban and rural infrastructure construction etc.


What's the structure of the XLPE armoured cable?

Conductor:Hard drawn aluminum conductor   

Insulation:The cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)

Filler:Polypropylene rope/tape 

Wrap tape: PP Tape

Armour:Steel-tapee armoured

Outer sheath:Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


What's the characteristic of the XLPE insulated power cable?

1.Circular compact stranded aluminum conductor

2.Excellent electrical and mechanical properties

3.Excellent chemical stability,abrasion and oil resistance properties

4.Light weight,simple structure,installed and maintained easily and conveniently

5.The cable could be laid without the limit of different level.


What's the installation conditions of the XLPE insulated power cable?

1.Rated voltage:8.7/10KV

2.The installation temperature should be above 0 0C

3..Minimum bending radius: 

       20 x cable diameter for single-core unarmoured cable

       15 x cable diameter for single-core armoured cable

       15 x cable diameter for multi-core unarmoured cable

       12 x cable diameter for multi-core armoured cable

4.The maximum working temperature of conductor:XLPE insulation is 90 0C

                                                                                    PVC insulation is 70 0C

5.The maximum short circuit temperature: 

       XLPE insulation cable is 250 0C (max 5s)

       PVC insulation cable is 160 0C (section-area below 300mm2  max 5s);

                                             140 0C (section-area above 300mm2  max 5s)

6.Single core power cable parallel laying distance:2×cable diameter(section-area below 185mm2);

                                                                                90mm(section-area above 240mm2)


XLPE insulated power cable


We also manufacture various of flame-retardant and fire-resistance cables. The flame-retardant  cable

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 cable of three classes C, B and A.(Chinese type:ZC, ZB, ZA)

If you have any doubt and demand about power cable, please contact me !

XLPE insulated power cable

Model and Name
Model Name Application Cable Cores Section area (mm)
Copper    Core Aluminum Core
YJV YJLV CU/AL Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power Cable XLPE insulation PVC/PE sheathed power cables are used for laying indoors and outdoors. Able to bear certain traction during installation, but not external mechanical forces and pulling forces. Single core cable can't laying in magnetic ducts . 1C




YJY YJLY CU/AL Conductor, XLPE Insulated, PE Sheathed Power Cable
YJV22 YJLV22 CU/AL Conductor, XLPE Insulated,Steel-Tape Armored,PVC Sheathed Power Cable XLPE insulation PVC/PE sheathed steel-tape armored power cables can be buried directly .Able to bear external mechanical forces but large pulling forces.
YJV23 YJLV23 CU/AL Conductor, XLPE Insulated,Steel-Tape Armored,PVC Sheathed Power Cable
YJV32 YJLV32 CU/AL Conductor, XLPE Insulated,Thin Steel-Wire Armored,PVC Sheathed Power Cable XLPE insulation armoured power cables can apply to shafts,water and soil. Able to bear moderate pulling forces.
YJV33 YJLV33 CU/AL Conductor, XLPE Insulated,Thin Steel-Wire Armored,PE Sheathed Power Cable
YJV42 YJLV42 CU/AL Conductor, XLPE Insulated,Thick Steel-Wire Armored,PVC Sheathed Power Cable Steel-wire armored,PVC/PE Sheathed Power Cables are apply to shafts,water and soil.Able to bear large pulling forces.
YJV43 YJLV43 CU/AL Conductor, XLPE Insulated,Thick Steel-Wire Armored,PE Sheathed Power Cable
Data parameter
8.7/10KV 8.7/15KV XLPE Insulation Steel-Tape Armoured PVC sheath Power Cable YJV22   YJLV22 
Core Conductor Nominal insulation thickness Nominal sheath thickness Overall diameter Approx mass Maximum DC resistance at 20℃
Nominal section-area (mm) Number and diameter of wires (mm) XLPE insulation (mm) PVC sheath (mm) XLPE insulation (mm) CU conductor(kg/km) AL conductor(kg/km) CU (Ω/km) AL (Ω/km)
3 core 3×25 7/2.52 4.5 2.6 52.8 3660 3192 0.727 1.2
3×35 7/2.52 4.5 2.6 55.0 4109 3454 0.524 0.868
3×50 7/3.00 4.5 2.8 58.0 4771 3835 0.387 0.641
3×70 14/2.52 4.5 2.9 62.0 5671 4360 0.268 0.443
3×95 19/2.52 4.5 3.0 65.7 6672 4894 0.193 0.32
3×120 19/2.83 4.5 3.1 68.9 7639 5393 0.153 0.253
3×150 19/3.17 4.5 3.2 72.6 8787 5979 0.124 0.206
3×185 36/2.55 4.5 3.4 77.2 10247 6784 0.0991 0.164
3×240 36/2.91 4.5 3.5 82.3 13045 8553 0.0754 0.125
3×300 36/3.25 4.5 3.8 87.5 15244 9629 0.0601 0.1
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