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multi cores XLPE Insulated PVC sheath Power Cable

multi cores XLPE Insulated PVC sheath Power Cable

Multi Cores XLPE insulation PVC sheath Power Cable

About our company:

As a professional wire & power cables manufacturer located Hebei Province,China.our company which is specializing in design, production and sales of many kinds XLPE cables ,such as XLPE insulated power cable, steel tape and steel wire armored power cable, low/medium/high voltage xlpe insulated power cable,copper and aluminium conductor xlpe power cable,pvc insulated power cable,aerial bundled cable,our power cable has been exported many countries,and won the love of customers with high quality products, reasonable prices, we hope to build long term business relation with different areas customers.


1. Standard of XLPE Cable: According to GB12706( Equal to IEC60502).
Also can do by standard of ASTM,BS,DIN and AS/NZS or other standards as request.

2. Rated Voltage of XLPE Cable:0.6/1KV; 6/10KV; 8.7/15KV; 12/20KV; 18/20KV; 21/35KV; 26/35KV

3. Construction of XLPE Cable:
Insulation: XLPE
Inner sheath: PVC
Armoured: Galvanized steel tape,Galvanized steel wire
Outer Sheath: PVC
NO. of cable cross: Multi-cores, full equal-section-area cores OR 3/4 equal-section-area+1/2 small section area.
Armoring type for the cables is optional.
Also can do according to the customer's request.

4. Characters of XLPE Cable:
a.Max Long-time operating temperature of XLPE insulated cable is 90°C
b.Installing temperature of cable should not be less than 0°C
c.Max short-circuit temperature is not exceed 250°C,Not more than5 Sec.
d.Unable be laid without the limit of fall with enough mechanical pull,
Single core cable can not be laid in iron tube or fixed by circled iron tools around cables

5. Advantages:
a. Excellent electric and mechanical characteristics
b. Best Resistance chemical corrosion and heat-ageing,environment stress and flame-retardant
c. Simple in structure,Convenient to use
d. Reduce costs

we are one of top electric cable manufacture in north of china,main product include xlpe power cable,armoured cable,swa cable,single core cable,2 3 4 core armoured cable.

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