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XLPE Power Cable - China power cable manufacture

XLPE Power Cable - China power cable manufacture

Our company provides several kinds of this power cable. For example, we offer the 8.7/15KV flame retardant XLPE insulated PVC sheathed product (Cu/XLPE/CTA/PVC), which is widely used in power plants, steel and iron plants, petrochemical industry, mines, high buildings, civil projects, ships and many other places. Meeting IEC 60502-1 standard, our 0.6/1KV copper conductor XLPE insulated aluminum wire armored PVC sheathed product (Cu/XLPE/AWA/PVC) can be directly buried in the ground or installed in ducts and trays. Furthermore, it can be immersed in water all the time.

As a primary XLPE power cable manufacturer and supplier in China, we also produces PVC insulated power cable, steel wire armored cable, rubber welding cable, and many others.

Conductor of the XLPE power cable is solid or stranded copper and crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) is adopted for insulation. The inner and outer sheaths are black polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Compared with PVC insulated product, this product has strong carrying capacity, high mechanical strength, and excellent resistance to heat and chemical corrosion. Moreover, it has small diameter and light weight, which is easy to set up and lay. Besides, our product has reasonable price, so it has been recognized by more and more customers.

Aluminum Power CableMeeting IEC 60502 standard, the aluminum power cable has excellent transmission performance, good plasticity and resistance to heat and chemical corrosion. Moreover, it is lightweight and is thus easy to transport and install. Our company provides multiple types of three-core AL/XLPE/SWA/PVC product, the rated voltage of which is from 3.6/6KV to 21/35KV.
PVC Insulated Power CableThe PVC insulated power cable has excellent flexibility, bending property and flame retardation. Based on different cross areas, it can be divided into a number of types. These products have undergone strict tests before leaving factory. The PVC insulation layer and sheath have endured anti-cracking (thermal shock) test, high temperature pressure test and low temperature performance test.


we are one of top electric cable manufacture in north of china,main product include xlpe power cable,armoured cable,swa cable,single core cable,2 3 4 core armoured cable.

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