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XLPE Low Voltage Cables

XLPE Low Voltage Cables


XLPE Low Voltage Cables

XLPE Low Voltage Cables

It is used to transmit and distribute power in power transmission and distribution system of 35kV or lower. It is generally applied to the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and communication in complete replace of oil immersed paper insulated power cable and in partial replace of PVC insulated power cable.
Conductor: Copper (or Aluminium)
Insulation: XLPE
Filler: Non-hygroscopic Polypropylene(PP)
Binder Tape: Non-woven fabric
Inner Covering: PVC
Metallic Armour: Galvanized Steel Wire Armour(SWA)
Non-magnetic Steel Wire Armour(only for single core)
Aluminium Wire Armoured(AWA, only for single core)
Outer Sheath: PVC (or PE)
The products are mainly complying with IEC 60502 standard, also can be produced according to OEM requirements and other standards, such as BS standard, DIN standard, ASTM standard, etc.
Voltage grade is up to 35kv, cross-section area can be up to 400 sqmm (copper or alumimum conductor). Conductor long-time operating temperature is 90° C. In short circuit, conductor highest temperature should be not more than 250° C

XLPE Low Voltage Cables - Using features:

1. Rated voltage: Uo/U: 26/35kV, 21/35kV, 12/20 kV (24 kV), 8.7/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 6/6kV, 6/10kV.
2. No. Of core: Single-core, Three-core.
3. The highest allowed operating temperature of conductor for long-term working is 90° C. In short-circuit (Max. Long-term is no more than 5 seconds). The highest temperature for conductor is no more than 250° C.
4. D. C Resistance of the conductor complies with the stipulations of GB/T3956-1997.
5. The environment temperature should be no lower than 0° C when lay. Otherwise it should be preheated.
6. The cable is laid without horizontal drop limit. The Min. Bending radius of three-core cable should be no smaller than 12 times of cable outer diameter.
7. Working Frequency Voltage Test: .
For cable with Uo of 3.6kV or lower: 2.5Uo+2kV/5min without puncture.
For cable with Uo of 3.6Kv~18kV: 3.5Uo/5min without puncture.
For cable with Uo of 21kV and 26 kV: 2.5Uo/30min without puncture.
8. Partial Discharge Test: The discharge volume should be no more than 10pC under 1.73Uo for the cable.

XLPE Low Voltage Cables -Type

  Name Main Application
Cu Core Al Core
XLPE insulated,PVC or PE Sheathed Power Cable For laying indoor,tunnel,channel and undergroud,Unable to bear external mechanical force,but bear the traction force during laid
XLPE Insulated,Steel Tape Armoured,PVC or PE Sheathed Power Cable For laying indoor,tunnel,channel and undergroud Able to bear external mechanical force,but unable to bear large pulling force
XLPE Insulated,Fine Steel Wire Armoured,PVC or PE Sheathed Power Cable For laying in shaft with large difference of level.Able to bear external machanical force and maderate pulling force
XLPE Insulated,Thick Steel Wire Armoured,PVC or PE Sheathed Power Cable Able to bear positive pressure and pulling force

Note: 1 KV flame XLPE insulated power cable of category A,B and C as well as fire resistant XLPE insulated power cable can be manufactured complying with the requirements of nation standard GB GA and IEC standard.
Operation characteristic
 The maximum operating temperature of cores shall not exceed 90ºC ween the cable used for a long period. The temperature of cores shall not exceed 250ºC at short circuit for 5 seconds. The ambient temperature should not be below 0ºC during installation.
   The permissible bending radius for cable should be the permissible bending radius for cable shall be complied with the regulation as below:
For single-core No armoured cable: R>20(D+d)±5% For multi-core:R>15(D+d)±5%
            Armoured cable:R>15(D+d)±5% For multi-core:R>12(D+d)±5%
Where:R-being radius(mm) D--overall diameter of the cable(mm)
      d-diameter of conductor(mm)
The single core cable of using in AC circuit shall be without armour or with steel wire armour and shall not be laid in magnetic ducts.  
Main Technical Properties
Rated voltage of cable 0.6/1(1.2)KV
D.C. Resistance of conductor According to GB/T3956-2008 or IEC 60228-2004
Power frequency withstand voltage test for 5 minutes No breakdown at 3.5 KV
Hot set test for insulation,200ºC 15 min with pressure 20N/cm2  
Load elongation
Max permanent elongation after cooled ≤15%
Installation and operation condition of cable
In air:
1. The single-core cables are parallel laid,the distance between the cable center is 2 times of the cable diameter for cross-section area of conductor≤185mm² and 90mm for cross sectional area of conductor ≥240mm²
2. Ambient air temperature:40ºC
3. Max.Continuous  operating temperature of conductor:70ºC
Current rating factors for variation in ambient air temperature
Ambient air temperature 20ºC 25ºC 30ºC 35ºC 40ºC 45ºC
Rating factor 1.29 1.22 1.15 1.08 1.0 0.91

XLPE Low Voltage Cables

Direct in the ground:
1. The single-core cables are installed separately,the distance between the cable center is 2 times of cable diameter.
2. Soil temperature:25ºC
3. Max. Continuous operating temperature of conductor:70ºC
4. Thermal resist of soil:1.0ºC.m/W
5. Depth of laying:0.7m
Current rating for variation in soil temperature
Soil temperature 20ºC 25ºC 30ºC 35ºC 40ºC
Rating factor 1.04 1.0 0.96 0.92 0.87
XLPE Low Voltage Cables
Packing &shipment  
XLPE Low Voltage Cables

The Equipment
 XLPE Low Voltage CablesXLPE Low Voltage Cables       

XLPE Low Voltage Cables 

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