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Aerial bundle cable/ABC power cable

Aerial Bundle Cable/ABC Power Cable

ABC cable has characters of powertransmitting and strong mechanical. In comparison with bare wire, aerial bundled cable (ABC cable) boasts many advantages, such as: small span in laying, higher safe reliability, better atmosphere aging resistance property. ABC cable has the priority to be used in urban and rural power transmitting construction project.

Aerial Bundle Cable
Aerial Bundle Cable/ABC Power Cable   ---------------------------   Applications:

ABC power cable with 3 cores is mainly used for overhead service entrance at 600V.
The temperature for PVC insulated could not exceed 75 degree, for XLPE 90 degree.

Aerial Bundle Cable/ABC Power Cable   ---------------------------  Construction:

constructor: aluminum, alloy or copper; solid or stranded;
insulation: PVC PE XLPE
Type: duplex, triplex, quadruplex service drop;

Aerial Bundle Cable/ABC Power Cable   ---------------------------  Production:

About ABC cable, production can be arranged according to Chinese GB standard, BS standard, NZS standard, IEC standard and other standard.
Your special need is also be satified.


ABC Power Cable has an Aluminum Alloy conductor with a XLPE sheath.
ABC Power Cable usually has 3 cores plus neutral, the neutral can either be bare  or insulated and the cable can have a street light  of 25mm².
ABC Power Cable is available in 600/1000V,  635/11kV or  12,7/22kV.  We stock 1 core, 2 core and 3 core Aluminum Alloy cable Aerial Bunched Kabel .

Aerial Bundle Cable/ABC Power Cable

Construction Parameters
IEC 60502 6.35/11 kV ABC for Overhead Distribution Lines
Number of Cores
x Nominal Cross Section
Phase Conductor Messenger Suspension
Continuous current rating at 300C ambient temp
Stranding Nominal Sectional Area Maximum Conductor Resistance Stranding Nominal Sectional Area Breaking Load
No.×mm^2 No.×mm mm^2 Ω/Km No.×mm mm^2 KN  A
3X50 + 1X25 19/1.78 50 0.641 7/3.0 50 60 116
3X70 + 1X50 19/.14 70 0.443 7/3.15 50 62 210
3X95+ 1X50 19/2.52 95 0.32 7/3.0 50 60 173
3X185+1X120 37/2.52 185 0.164 7/4.67 120 150 259
3X150 +1X50 37/2.25 150 0.206 7/3.15 50 62 365
3X240 +1X50 61/2.25 240 0.125 7/3.15 50 62 500
Other cross-sections can be offered upon request. 

No. of cores x Cross sectional area (sqmm)
2x16sqmm 3x25+54.6sqmm 3x25+54.6+16sqmm 4x16sqmm
2x25sqmm 3x35+54.6sqmm 3x35+54.6+16sqmm 4x25sqmm
2x35sqmm 3x50+54.6sqmm 3x50+54.6+16sqmm 4x35sqmm
2x50sqmm 3x70+54.6sqmm 3x70+54.6+16sqmm 4x50sqmm
2x70sqmm 3x70+70sqmm 3x70+70+54.6sqmm 4x70sqmm
2x95sqmm 3x95+70sqmm 3x95+70+16sqmm 4x95sqmm
2x120sqmm 3x120+70sqmm 3x120+70+16sqmm 4x120sqmm
2x150sqmm 3x120+95sqmm 3x120+70+25sqmm 4x150sqmm
  3x150+95sqmm 3x120+95+16sqmm  

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