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Copper xlpe power cable

Copper xlpe power cable


Copper xlpe power cable

xlpe insulated power cable,
Copper conductor xlpe power cable,

copper xlpe power cable

12/20kV CU/XLPE/PVC(or PE) Power Cable 


Copper xlpe power cable - Description

Construction: Compacted stranded circular copper conductor, extruded semi-conducting compound as conductor shield, cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation, semi-conducting compound as insulation shield, copper tape or combination of copper wire and tape as metallic screen, three cores assembled together with non-hygroscopic polypropylene filler, wrapped with binder tape, PVC or PE outer sheath.

 Copper xlpe power cable


Chinese Type



Core qty

Conductors range


Copper conductor, XLPE insulation, PVC outer sheath Power Cable

1 or 3



Copper conductor, XLPE insulation, PE outer sheath Power Cable

1 or 3




Copper conductor, XLPE insulation flame-retardant Power Cable


1 or 3





Copper conductor, XLPE insulation Low Smoke Halogen Free or Zero

Halogen (LSHF or LSZH) flame-retardant Power Cable


1 or 3




Operating Characteristics

Rated voltage U0/U(Um): 12/20(24)kV 

U0 is the rated power frequency voltage between conductor and earth or metallic screen for which the cable is designed; U is the rated power frequency voltage between conductors for which the cable is designed;

Um is the maximum value of the “highest system voltage” for which the equipment may be used. Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor: 90 °C

Max. temperature of conductor during short-circuit (5s max. duration) shall not exceed: 250 °C The ambient temperature under installation should not be lower than: 0 °C

The bending radius of cable is recommended as following: 

For single core cable: not less than 20 times of the diameter of cable 

For three core cable: not less than 15 times of the diameter of cable


Copper xlpe power cable - Application

The xlpe power cable is used for fixed installations such as electric power distribution networks or industrial installations, which is laid indoors, outdoors, in tunnel or in cable trench, unable to bear external mechanical force. 

Single core cable in magnetic duct is not permissible.


4.   Manufacturing Standards

IEC 60502-2 and Chinese National Standard GB/T 12706-2008 

We can produce above cables according to popular international standards such as ASTM,BS,DIN,NF &AS/NZ also.



We can produce more than 2,000 types of cables and wires, such as 

Bare Conductor: AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ACSR/AW, ACAR, ACSS, ACSS/AW, Aluminum Clad Steel Wire/Strand, Bare Copper Conductors, Copper Clad Steel Wire/Strand, Copper Clad Aluminum(CCA), Galvanized Steel Wire/Strand, etc. 

Overhead Insulated Cable: Covered Line Single Core Cable and Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC). ABC includes Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex and more Cores Service Drop Cable. 

PVC Insulated Wire up to 450/750V 

PVC or XLPE Insulated Power Cable from 1kV to 36kV 

Control Cable 

Welding Cable 

Rubber Cable

We can produce cables according to the standards of IEC, ASTM, EN (BS, DIN, NF, etc.), AS/NZ and meet customers’ special requirements.

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