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XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundle Cable

XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundle Cable

NFC 33-209 Low Voltage XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundle Cable

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XLPE/PVC insulated overhead cable,
Aerial bundled cable,
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Aerial bundled cable ABC 1kV 11kV 33kV aluminium PVC/XLPE/PE insulated power cables


Phase Conductor: Aluminium

Neutral Non-messenger Conductor: Aluminium

Neutral Messenger Conductor: Aluminium Alloy

Street Lighting Conductor: Aluminium

Insulation: XLPE or PE or PVC(weathering resistance)

Standard:NF C33-209, BS 7870-5, GB/T 12527, IEC 60502

arial bundled cable

Aerial bundled cable ABC - Application

It is extensively used in overhead electric power transmission and distribution lines, especially in rebuilding of urban and forest region electrified wire netting. This cable improves safety and reliance of electrified wire netting.


Used for overhead power transmission and distribution lines of AC rated voltage up to and including 1kV or rated voltage 10kV.

XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundle Cable





Aluminum conductor PVC insulated overhead cable with rated voltage 1KV.


Aluminum alloy conductor PVC insulated overhead cable with rated voltage 1KV.


Aluminum conductor PE insulated overhead cable with rated voltage 1KV.


Aluminum alloy conductor PE insulated overhead cable with rated voltage 1KV.


ACSR conductor PE insulated overhead cable with rated voltage 1KV.


Aluminum conductor XLPE insulated overhead cable with rated voltage 1KV.


Aluminum alloy conductor XLPE insulated overhead cable with rated voltage 1KV.


ACSR conductor XLPE insulated overhead cable with rated voltage 1KV.


XLPE Insulated ABC Aerial Bundle Cable

Standard: IEC60502, NF C33-209, GB 12527-90

Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV

2) Specification: Concentric strand aluminum wires as phase conductor; AAAC(all aluminum alloy conductors) or ACSR(aluminum conductor steel reinforced) as messenger (Neutral) core; Phase conductor is insulated by XLPE or HDPE.

3) Application: The cable as a new-type aerial cable is used for transmitting electric power overhead, extensively used in rebuilding of urban and forest region electrified wire netting. It improves the safety and reliance of electrified wire netting.

Relative manufacturing standards: IEC61089, ASTM B231, ASTM B232, BS215, DIN48201, DIN48204

We can also manufacture ABC cable according to customer's special requirements

The basic construction is as follows:

3 power cores consisting of standard aluminium conductors, insulated with

XLPE insulation

+ One sheath lighting aluminium conductor with XLPE insulation(optional)

+ One messenger Al-alloy conductor (bare or covered)

The messenger conductor can be of galvanised steel wire also.

The purpose of messenger wire is

A) It acts as load bearing wire.

B) It acts as earth or neutral conductor.

To be used at cotages of 600V phase-to-phase or less and at conductor temperatures not to exceed 75oC for polyethylene insulated conductors or 90oC for crossliked polyethylene(XLPE) insulated conductors.

It meets or exceeds the following specifications:

1. Aluminum Wire, 1350-H19 for Electrical Purposes.

2. Aluminum Conductors, Concentric-Lay-Stranded.

3. Aluminum Conductor, Concentric-Lay-Stranded, Coated Steel Reinforced(ACSR)

4. Concentric-Lay-Stranded 6201-T81 Conductors

5. Compressed Round Stranded Aluminum Conductors Using Single Input Wire.

It meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of ANSI/ICEA S-76-474

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